Separated by 58 miles of crowded interstate. A straight line of pavement connecting two fierce rivals.  No easy wins, no easy points, no moments of rest. The battle between The Grizzlies and Elite is nonstop, fast paced energy. Blood and sweat, and for one team, tears.

The Battle of Interstate 95 stems, originally, from the high level of the players involved. You don’t get to be ranked top 5 in the ABA with out immense talent in all positions. Coaches with top basketball minds, guards dropping dimes, forwards banging 3s, and centers fighting it out in the paint. That is the ground level of The Rivalry.  For the Grizzly Gang, The Rivalry hits even closer to home.

Between these two top teams there is real history. Players switching from the dark side to the Grizzly side, and the other way around. Richmond’s Corey White, a former Grizzly,  slithered down 95 to put on the red jersey and join the Richmond Elite. For The Grizzly Gang, Kendrick White and Terrill Smith have left Richmond behind to suit up in the Black and Teal. Expect to see some sparks fly when these players meet up with their former teams in this, electric, Top 5 matchup!




Henry Mordica, marketing intern, UMW 2019