It was a special day for the Fredericksburg Grizzlies. Three of our players, Tim Turner, Terrill Smith, and Quentin Morehead had an opportunity to participate in a mentor program held at Chancellor Middle School on Saturday, November 19, 2016. This program was provided by a local fraternity and it gave the Grizzlies a chance to interact with the students on a different level.

They were excited to participate and show all of the guys their “magic moves” on the court. It gave them a sense of purpose and it helped a child in the process. At least one Saturday out of the month, the Grizzlies hosts an open gym for students at Chancellor Middle School. During this time, they provide skills training to the youth and demonstrate different techniques that can be used on and off the court. It is about helping the students believe they can achieve their goals and then showing them how to make it a reality. The organizations values include hard work, dedication, and perseverance, and that is what we share with others as well. This is what gets us through.