Josh Jones is hard work, personified. Josh didn’t play in high school, didn’t play in college, and never played on an AAU team. Actually, Josh’s first love was hockey! You are probably asking yourself, “How did this guy end up on the Grizzlies?” and the answer to that is simple. Josh is coachable, hard working, and eager to learn. Josh attributes his basketball success to his undying work ethic. Much like his basketball idol, Dennis Rodman, Josh prides himself on doing the dirty work of defending and fighting for rebounds.

Jones joined the Grizzlies 2.5 years ago because he had friends on the team, but soon realized that many of his teammates hold the same work ethic that he does. His favorite memory with the Grizzlies, so far, is scoring 20 points in a win over the DMV Warriors. Whether it is contesting shots, fighting for loose balls, or battling in the paint, Josh Jones always fights until the end. Jones wants all kids to know that success is not about how much experience or pedigree you have. It depends on how bad you want to succeed and how hard you are willing to work for it.¬†Outside of basketball Josh is a fun loving family man. Josh is told he looks like Tracey McGrady, and we are happy he can dunk like T-mac too! Finally, when asked about his celebrity crush, Josh was quick to answer, ” Im a married man, my wife is my celebrity crush!” ……..¬†Beautiful.